Head injury photo


Our com­mit­ment is to pro­vide high stan­dards and excep­tional qual­ity in the deliv­ery of pre-​hospital emer­gency med­ical train­ing for those who work or recre­ate in remote environments.

Incident management.


There are many areas in Canada where 911 is not an avail­able option in response to a med­ical or trau­matic emer­gency. Weather, remote­ness and lim­ited equip­ment can poten­tially delay access to EMS. This places con­sid­er­able respon­si­bil­ity on the actions and deci­sion mak­ing of you as a res­cuer or first respon­der. The need for knowl­edge and skills beyond the scope of ‘stan­dard’ first aid is distinct.

Injured Worker


CWMT offers mod­u­lar courses that develop com­pe­ten­cies in the recog­ni­tion and man­age­ment of med­ical or trau­matic events in a wilder­ness environment.

In order to find a pro­gram that meets your inter­ests and needs, please peruse the pro­gram sec­tion of our site. Our re-​certification and upgrade pro­grams are designed for those who are look­ing to main­tain or improve exist­ing skills. All other pro­grams do not require pre-​requisites or pre­vi­ous training.