Buy Smart! Wildmedkits know exactly what you need.

WildMedKits is proudly Canadian Owned and Operated out of Muskoka, Ontario. Specializing in First Aid, Wilderness Medicine, and First Responder equipment and custom kits. Wildmedkits work with First Response teams, summer camps, guiding companies, and the public to develop First Aid kits that meet their specific needs. Wildmedkits carry high quality first aid equipment at an affordable price point.

Wildmedkits was founded by Ken Piercey RN, BScN, MEd in 2017. Ken has an extensive background as a Registered Nurse working in Remote locations throughout Canada including Outposts, Flight Medicine, and Camp settings. Ken is extensively involved in First Aid, CPR, First Responder, and Nursing Education and brings this knowledge and experience towards selecting the right gear and providing personalized consultation to our clients.

Wildmedkits is committed to good training and making sure trained individuals have the best equipment. As part of the CWMT family be sure to use promo code CWMT2020 when you purchase first aid kits and equipment from