You can go to the phone book and ask anyone that teaches first aid to come into your agency and provide a standard first aid program. Their programs may satisfy your required minimum workplace health and safety requirements.

So why would you bring in Canadian Wilderness Medical Training?

  1. We want to build a relationship with your organization and personnel.
  2. We work with you to provide excellent, and relevant safety training that addresses the real situations of your organization and the environments you work in.
  3. We are cost effective. We do not want to see you wasting your budget and your time.
  4. We deliver first aid training that is appropriate to field personnel and emphasize accident prevention.
  5. We provide decision/systems based training.

The agencies and industries that CWMT works with see us as true training partners, this is a privilege that we do not take lightly. By allowing CWMT to be a member of your health and safety team we are able to devise custom training programs that are consistent and work seamlessly with your existing protocols.

We customize training for each unique workplace including:

  • field personnel of all kinds,
  • resource industry,
  • remote research personnel,
  • natural Resource enforcement officers,
  • surveying and mining operation personnel,
  • energy industry,
  • organizations where rescue is mandated, and
  • organizations interested in keeping personnel safe.

Please contact us [email protected] to discuss your training requirements and book a custom course at your location.

Jill Baxter
Training Coordinator, CWMT
[email protected]