As a club or student croup you have a great asset to leverage, your community.

So why not put together a CWMT training program for your group to get the best possible training at the best possible cost.

What are the advantages?

  1. You get a custom training course. So if your group is sport specific then we use relevant scenarios embedded within our training to address the situations and environments that your group works within.
  2. You set the schedule and pick the location that will work best for your group. We will come to you.
  3. You register all of your people for the course and simply let us know how many will be in attendance for the program (min 10 participants).
  4. You, as a course coordinator, are rewarded for all of your hard work by getting your training at no cost.
  5. You put on an exceptional event that your club will enjoy and value.
  6. You raise the safety standards of your club to a new level in accident awareness and prevention.

Please contact us [email protected] to discuss your training requirements and book a custom course at your location.

Jill Baxter
Training Coordinator, CWMT
[email protected]